1805 E. Lone Oak Drive | Walkable & Adorable

It comes as no surprise that we’re fond of SunCrest. The sunsets, scrub oak, trails, clubhouse, and the community are all endearing, to say the least.

We just listed this pretty lady for sale and she’s no exception to that SunCrest endearment. Take the front porch or backyard, for example. Each outdoor space is perfect for an evening beverage with friends or your little tyke’s birthday party. Just make sure we’re invited.

Inside, you can’t escape the natural light–she’s got windows from head to toe.

The upstairs plays host to 4 beds/2 baths and yes, the murphy bed stays. Spoiler: The master has two walk-in closets so leave the boxing gloves in the car.

Downstairs comes complete with a guest bedroom, bath, and large family room; add a big screen and you’re set.

Oh. We should probably mention the walkability of this home. You’re within walking distance to the community center and a cartwheel or two from Clover Leaf Park. Want to see this lady in person? Reach us here or send us an email, and we’ll set it up.

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July SunCrest Market Update

Pricing Your SunCrest Home
The number of homes for sale is currently lower than expected. In a market like this, real estate professionals are often pressured by sellers to put a premium price tag on their listing, or to float a high asking price and just “test the market.” Many have seen a neighbor’s home sell quickly and for a higher price than they anticipated, so the temptation is understandable.

Selling Your SunCrest Home Now Versus Later
This strategy to list high and think, “If it doesn’t sell, we can always lower it later,” can potentially create a few problems as you are trying to sell your SunCrest home.

Pricing too high can potentially:

  • Limit the number of likely buyers who are interested in your home because you’ve priced it higher to allow for “negotiation room.”
  • Paint a negative picture in the buyer’s mind. If buyers thinks your price is too high, they may jump to the conclusion that you’ll be unreasonable in negotiations.
  • Keep your home from selling quickly. The longer your home is on the market, the less likely it may be that you get a strong price. Think of when you were looking for homes. When you found a home had been on the market for long period of time, what did you think? What’s wrong with it? Why hasn’t it sold?

Pricing Your SunCrest Home Right The First Time
Of the SunCrest homes sold from January 1 to June 30 2015, the homes that got closest to their listing price were also the ones sold the fastest.
SunCrest Sold to List
Our Take
Accurate pricing comes down to having a full understanding of our niche neighborhood, style, and size of homes–just to name a few factors–and it’s not just throwing together a quick, free, comparative market analysis. Oak Vista is not the same as Eagle Crest. DR Horton will not be the same as the future developments in SunCrest.

If you’re selling your home, ask the agent being interviewed to explain his/her strategy on their pricing recommendation. How long will it take to sell at that price? How close to their recommendation will it actually sell for? In our opinion, great agents will tell you what you need to know rather than what you want to hear.

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