Buyer Resources May 1, 2015

Why Use a Realtor When Buying?

Looking for a home can be a daunting task. The purchase process is full of paperwork and pitfalls–hardly a place you want to be on your own when dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Using the services of a Realtor puts someone on your side who’s done it all before. A Realtor can help you find a home, navigate the purchasing process, and hook you up with industry professionals you’ll need. Best of all, you pay no more as a buyer for their representation!

Finding a Home

Where do you begin? With a Realtor, it starts by defining what you want in a home. After helping hundreds clients find their perfect home, Robyn and Scott know how to listen to your “dream house” description and translate it into a workable search criteria. With your standards set, we do the legwork looking for your home. Realtors have access to the MLS system–a huge database of available homes where brand new listings can show up even before a “For Sale” sign is placed in a yard. By networking with other Realtors, a good agent can learn of homes soon-to-be on the market and get you first look at these homes.

As SunCrest’s most experienced and knowledgeable Realtors, Robyn and Scott know the neighborhood’s every detail–each floor plan, each builder’s history, each street’s unique charm. We’ve helped hundred of families find the home in SunCrest that they were looking for.

Once you’ve settled on a few homes of interest, Robyn and Scott make all the arrangements to tour these homes at a time that fits your schedule. After touring literally thousands of homes in our careers, we know what to look for; things like the age of the furnace, possible code violations, quality of craftsmanship and hidden damage, to name a few. Having a Realtor on your side doesn’t just mean getting answers, it means knowing the right questions to ask.

Navigating the Purchase Process

Once you’ve found the home you want, buying it means much more than writing a check. Having a realtor means having a seasoned veteran on your side who’s been through the process hundreds of times before. What should you offer? What if they make a counter-offer? Can you structure the offer to make the seller pay closing costs?

What about your mortgage? With 30 years of experience, Robyn and Scott have rock-solid relationships with a variety of mortgage lenders and can recommend one that will give you star treatment. We can also recommend home inspectors, appraisers, or other services you need as you find the home you’ve been dreaming of.

As a Buyer You Pay Nothing

Realtors are paid on a commission already set by a home’s seller. That means you pay nothing extra for having a Realtor on your side.

Robyn and Scott bring almost three decades of experience, knowledge of the process, convenience, and a strong voice to your side of the table.

When buying a house, the question isn’t, “Why use a Realtor.” The real question is, “Why not?”