SunCrest Stories

We talk a lot about the views, mountain trails, fresh air, and incredible homes. But the people of SunCrest are what makes it the kind of community that really has your heart. SunCrest is a community full of the most interesting and incredible people. Here are some of their stories.

Scott's SunCrest Story

We’re excited to begin sharing unique stories about what makes SunCrest so special to each of us. Here is Scott’s #suncreststory.

Robyn's SunCrest Story

Did you know that Robyn was one of SunCrest’s first residents? Not only did she fall in love with SunCrest, but SunCrest also plays a role in her very own love story. Check out Robyn’s #SunCrestStory

Barrett Family SunCrest Story

Say hello to George and Shae. Their #suncreststory started with a complete SunCrest home renovation. Now, you can catch them spending their free time working on their race car, exploring our trails and off leash dog park, and stretching out in a "neighborhood from the 80's" where kids are safe to run around and play.

Hamilton Family SunCrest Story

Meet "Team Hamilton." Coming from Florida, mountain living was a must and SunCrest is better with them here. They are both infectious laughers, and folks that just make you feel good. When COVID kicked up, they kicked it into high gear supplying over 10, wait 11 thousand masks while teaching school and homeschooling. Check out the Hamiltons #suncreststory.

Doug and Cheryl's SunCrest Story

Say hello to Doug and Cheryl. You might recognize Doug from his hobby detailing cars (Cheryl calls it his "side hustle") but did you know Cheryl is an expert in all things pets? As Alabama transplants and SunCrest residents for a few years, they love the "western hospitality" this community is known for. Check out the Pilkington's #suncreststory.

Moosavi's SunCrest Story

We're excited to share the Moosavi's #suncreststory. After making a spontaneous move to SunCrest, Abeeha and Abaas now credit the communal, diverse, and inclusive neighborhood as the reason they never want to leave. In their free time, you can find Abeeha enjoying her "side hustles" while Abaas is pushing the limit outdoors.

Smith's SunCrest Story

Meet the Smith Family. They moved to SunCrest from CA and have enjoyed the community vibe SunCrest offers. In the summers, you can find them outside chasing their “pet” hawks, relaxing at the pool, mingling with neighbors, or snapping pics of moose (or is it mooses or meeses?). Here is the Smith’s #suncreststory

Wagner's SunCrest Story

Meet Jane and JB. They recently became empty-nesters, so they’re turning their attention to all that SunCrest has to offer like an “epic” trail system. They’re learning new hobbies and revisiting old ones from their youth. We’re excited to share their #suncreststory with you—it’s fun, inspiring, and heartwarming.

Danielson's SunCrest Story

Meet the Danielson's. Their #SunCrestStory started during a heavy winter 12 years ago. “People look out for each other up here. It's different—you feel safe and a part of something.” From painted seashells to a self-proclaimed trophy husband, this is one story you don't want to miss!

A Truly Unique Place to Live

Life is different on the mountain. The best way to understand SunCrest is to get out and see it in person. Let us show you around! Call SunCrest's resident Realtors Scott Steadman (801) 347-1401 or Robyn Foulger (801) 205-3388 and we'll help you discover the SunCrest Lifestyle.