2022 Year in Review

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2022 Year in Review
It’s time for our annual “Year in Review” where we look at the past year in SunCrest Real Estate. 2022 started off much like 2021 with many homes receiving multiple, above asking price offers. As interest rates rose, the total number of homes listed and sold decreased and prices flattened. Overall, home price appreciation saw 13% year over year increase, and just over 103 real estate sales (SunCrest homes and SunCrest land) took place, and the new median price of a home in SunCrest climbed to $795,000.

103 total SunCrest properties (homes + land) sold

  • 90 homes
  • 79 single family homes
  • 16 of the 79 single family homes were new construction homes
  • 11 townhomes
  • 13 lots
Median days sales time: 21 days
Highest sold price: $1,910,000
Lowest sold price: $341,500
Median sales price: $795,000
Most active sales period: 3rd quarter The “Average” SunCrest Home Sold in 2022
We crunched the numbers. If you could put together an overall average of all SunCrest homes sold in 2022, here’s what that house would look like: Average Sold Price: $869,011
Average Price Per Square Foot: $229
Average Days on Market: 36
Year built: 2011
Beds: 4.62
Baths: 3.7
Acres: 0.22
Garage: 2.59
Finished Basement: 72% Our take
If you’re buying or selling, it’s always best to take a hands-on approach and assess each home for its own merits. Averages can also be misleading, as there are always wide exceptions to it-that’s how averages work, after all. Things like timing, condition, location, and quality all have an impact on buying and selling and you can get frustrated pretty easily if your home sale or purchase don’t seem to be fitting the “average” experience. Having a hyperlocal expert in your corner who knows how to spot out of average opportunities can help turn any transaction to your benefit. Read More

High Five for Snowplow Drivers

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SunCrest Lifestyle High Five for Snowplow Drivers

This year’s snowfall has been remarkable! We couldn’t stop thinking about how hard Draper City staff has been working to help keep our roads clear and we want to help give them a little “High Five” for going above and beyond their call of duty.

Introducing the SunCrest Lifestyle High Five, a way to thank our local snowplow drivers. For anyone who wants to participate, make a minimum $5 donation (get it, high 5?) and we’ll put it towards a catered meal and grab n go snacks for the Draper City Public Works staff.

Here’s How To Donate:

Donations will be accepted through Wednesday February 15th. Click here or use this link to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/suncrest-lifestyle-high-five.We’ll cover the fees to make sure they receive 100% of your donation!
Be sure to enter your name exactly as you want it to appear on the thank you banner.
Like and follow @suncrestlifestyle on FB & IG for updates, pictures, and videos along the way!

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December SunCrest Market Update

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The 2023 SunCrest Lifestyle Calendar Here it is! The 2023 SunCrest Lifestyle calendar-a calendar about SunCrest, made by SunCrest residents. We hope you enjoy it, almost as much as we hope you enjoy every single day of the year here in the neighborhood. Thanks to all of you who submitted photos and made this calendar possible. Here’s to another amazing year in SunCrest! As SunCrest’s biggest and loudest cheerleaders, we wanted to show off what this incredible community has to offer. From stellar sunsets and views, to nature and trails, and the very best people, this calendar gives just a glimpse into the SunCrest lifestyle we all love. If you don’t live in SunCrest but are interested in a calendar, email us at info@suncrestlifestyle.com and we’ll get one sent to you. Read More

Draper City Surplus and SunCrest HOA land exchange

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Draper City held a public hearing and approved the surplus of two areas of City owned land behind the SunCrest OA tennis court and SunCrest OA salt storage in exchange for .07 acres of SunCrest OA property. This was step one and a future meeting will amend the subdivision plat to actually move property lines. These items will clear up an encroachment issue and will provide both Draper City and Suncrest HOA suitable parking areas. The SunCrest HOA has long needed additional parking and this resolution will provide  an area to do so.

More info: 
Area 1 (Green) – 0.18 acres of Parcel 34-09-479-026 owned by Draper City was surplussed and will be provided to Suncrest HOA.
Area 2 (Orange) – 0.07 acres of Parcel 34-09-479-025 owned by Suncrest HOA will be provided to Draper City. 
Area 3 (Yellow) – 70 square feet of Parcel 34-09-479-027 owned by Draper City was previously surplussed by Draper City Council via Resolution NO. 18-84 on December 4, 2018. This area will be shown in the upcoming Plat Amendment going to Suncrest HOA to rectify a slight encroachment of the tennis court.
Area 4 (Magenta) – 1,169 square feet of Parcel 34-09-479-026 owned by Draper City was surplussed and will be provided to Suncrest HOA to rectify an encroachment of the tennis court.

Info and images courtesy of Draper City.

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November SunCrest Market Update

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SunCrest Calendar Contest update & the official launch SunCrest Lifestyle Warm Winter Clothes Drive We are excited to hold our annual SunCrest Lifestyle warm winter clothes drive. We’re collecting new or very gently used winter coats, jackets, hats, and gloves for those in need. This year, donations are being sent to The Family Support Center. They’re a non-profit that provides housing and self-sufficiency programs for homeless parents in Salt Lake County as well as a crisis nursery, which offers free drop-in daycare for parents, many coming from situations of domestic violence. We love teaming up with them and your donations over the years have been life changing. We have two ways to donate: drive-by donation or have us come pick them up. Dropoff Saturday, November 12 – SunCrest Fall Market – 11am-4pm. We’ll have complimentary donuts, hot cocoa, and coffee. Come by and hang out, or just drive by to drop off. This event will also feature other local businesses selling handmade goods and/or providing local services. *In the event of inclement weather, donations can be dropped off in the SunCrest OA Clubhouse from 11am-4pm Saturday November 12th. Pickup
Go to suncrestlifestyle.com/clothes to sign up for a pickup. Leave them on your porch by noon on that same Saturday (Nov. 12th)  and we’ll get them by 5pm. Thank you
We want to say thanks in advance, because every year you all step up huge and it’s awesome (and humbling) to see. Thank you! Read More

September SunCrest Market Update

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New Developments in SunCrest? Check Out These 5 Areas and What We May Expect in the Coming Years

Draper City has adopted an “Open Space Master Plan” that helps shape the future of the city. We’ve been watching this process closely over the years to see what it means for SunCrest and for the city at large. Since Draper already has over 4500 acres of open space, it’s really become a jewel in Salt Lake Valley and as a result, SunCrest has risen to be one of the most treasured areas to live, work, and play.

So what does the future hold? Well, this plan was developed with the help of outside consultants, countless hours of input, open houses, and surveys and serves as the north star for the future of Draper City open space and development. Draper is going to continue to preserve areas of open space. As part of the overall plan, it did become clear that some parcels of land may have development. We thought we’d highlight five areas and bring you the inside scoop into what we may expect in the coming years.

Mercer Mountain Estates
This ~20 acre parcel sits next to the existing Hidden Canyon Estates area, and will provide some of the most pristine mountain and city views in SunCrest. This parcel, along with the Lakeview Heights parcel were part of an exchange involving a private owner and Draper City. There’s already an existing development agreement from 2015 that indicates there can be 50 lots and the minimum size of each must be at least .27 acres. This development will be in the SunCrest OA. Lakeview Heights
This ~20 acre parcel neighbors the current Maple Hollow subdivision and zoning allows for multi-unit density (think: townhomes, for example.) Entitled in 2015, the development agreement states there will be more than 160 units and will be required to set up their own Sub-HOA in addition to belonging to the SunCrest OA. Sequoia/Blue Bison Developments
This ~110 acre parcel was sold by Draper City to help recoup the costs of the City’s purchase of 2300 acres of SunCrest area land. This development borders the Highland/Alpine area and overlooks Utah County to the south. This area also lies within the SunCrest OA boundaries. The current density ranges from 30-50 single family units with potential for approximately 150 multi-family units. There’s still a lot to work out for developers-access, secondary access, and water shares will ultimately dictate what is eventually built here. Shoebox Property/Mountain Park Estates
At just over 80 acres, this area is heavily wooded by Gambel Oak and surrounded by the existing Tall Woods, Oak Vista, and Eagle Crest neighborhoods. This had been privately owned since before SunCrest was really “SunCrest”. The current zoning on the property allows for commercial uses. This area is not currently a part of the SunCrest OA, but back in 2018 there was a preliminary site plan that included a request to join. Draper City Owned Land
The city still owns nearly 8 acres of land surrounding the HOA clubhouse, pool, courts, and the SunCrest Community Clubhouse. This plan clears the way for the city to classify that land as “surplus” and sell it, should they ever decide to do so. While there are no immediate plans to do that, this may be an area to keep an eye on.

Open space is one of the features that makes it such a great place to live, and we’re glad to see Draper City has a plan to protect these open spaces. SunCrest is always evolving, and this plan gives us transparency into the next phase of our evolution. As we look toward the future, we can see that most development areas and maximum density is set, and although these potential developments will take years to happen (if at all) it’s the collective involvement of everyone that helps shape what SunCrest becomes. Whether you’re new or old to SunCrest, stay involved! Your voice and opinion can make a difference in what the area becomes. We’re going to keep our finger on the pulse of what’s happening so if you’d like to talk about how this new plan affects your plans to buy or sell (or move into a new development) we’re happy to share what we know.


*All information provided as a courtesy. Information is always subject to change and is provided merely as an example at the time of this recording and should be independently verified for accuracy.

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August SunCrest Market Update

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4 Easy Things To Do That Prep Your House For Sale
The hot sellers market over the past few years is cooling off back to normal levels. That means home buyers have more time and more options when house hunting, and we’re starting to hear homeowners ask what they can do to get their house ready to sell, and sell quicker.

Selling a home entails a whole lot more than just planting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn or uploading a few photos of your place. If you’re considering putting your house on the market, here are 4 easy things you can do today to help prepare your home:

Consider Your Curb Appeal
You never get a second chance to make that first impression. Wow them right away, and inspire the undecided to put your house on their list, visit an open house, or make a phone call to schedule a tour. This means keeping your landscaping in good order and touching up any weather worn areas like shutters, eaves, beams, and door trims. Consider adding water wise flowers, painting the front door, and keep that porch swept and sidewalk cracks weed-free.

Declutter Living Areas
Less is definitely more when it comes to getting your house ready to show. First, start by getting rid of anything that isn’t moving with you, then pack up some of your less essential items that you’re planning to take with you like countertop appliances, extra furniture, or less frequently used gadgets. Not only will clearing clutter help your house look more appealing (and bigger) to buyers, but you’ll have a headstart on your move once an offer is inked.

Depersonalize Your Space
Look, you are beautiful and so is your family but let’s remove any distractions so potential buyers can visualize themselves and their own family living in the property. Remove personal items and family photos, as well as bold artwork and distinct decor that might make the home less appealing to the average Joe. The goal here is to create a blank canvas on which buyers can project their own visions of living there, and loving it.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Once you’re done cleaning your house, clean some more. Nobody ever requests a messy house. When selling your home, it’s important to keep everything tidy. Remember to take special care with the kitchens and bathrooms – make sure the tile, counters, shower, and floors shine. Do it yourself or hire it out, but more sparkle in your house may mean more jingle in your pocket.

Our Take
Prepping your house is what sets apart smart sellers from everyone else. With the market returning to planet Earth, home prep is coming back to the forefront and it’s becoming more and more important to know how to be ready to sell. Where should you focus your time? Besides the items on our list, what should you do to make repairs, upgrades, or renovations? Is it worth it? Do some research to find a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about your specific market. You likely wouldn’t hire a doctor because they make funny videos online or a financial planner without any experience. Find an expert who knows the market and knows exactly what to do to help you get ready to sell. Like always, we’d love to help. Whether you’re first choice or a second opinion we’d love to help you gameplan if you’re in the market to buy or sell.

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Paradise in SunCrest

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What a party! Nearly 400 plates of food served up Justin Manikowski, amazing steel drum beats by @steelworks_steelband, awesome hula and fire dancing, and countless smiles created by the exotic birds, dunk tank, and the always entertaining inflatables. Thank you SunCrest Owners Association for the amazing event and letting us participate in such a great annual tradition! ICYMI, be sure to check out our video recap below.

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Lakeview Heights (Trailside Townhomes) Development

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John Wheatley, representing IKON Development, is requesting for approval of a Site Plan and Plat Amendment to develop the vacant property with 152 townhomes. The hearing will be held July 28, 2022 at 6:30 PM 1020 E. Pioneer Rd. Draper, UT 84020.

Agenda link here.

From Draper City:
This application is a request for approval of a Site Plan and Plat Amendment for approximately 19.37 acres located on corner of Brookings Dr. and Suncrest Dr., at 2142 East Brookings Dr. (Exhibit B & C). The property is currently zoned RR-22, RR-43, and RM. The applicant is requesting that a Site Plan be approved to allow the property to be developed with 152 townhomes and a Plat Amendment to consolidate the six lots that encompass the property into one single lot.

The property was originally part of the Suncrest development area and was recorded as Lots 1301-1306 of the Maple Hollow Phases 10, 11, and 13 at Suncrest plat. The Suncrest Master Plan for these properties was for them to be developed with commercial uses. The Suncrest development is vested under the 1999 Draper City Municipal Code (1999 DCMC) and properties in this area still contain zoning designations from the 1999 DCMC, like The
Trailside Townhomes App. # SPR-58-2022, SUBD-111-2022 Site Plan and Plat Amendment Request RR-22, RR-43, and RM zones.

In 2015 the then property owner and Draper City entered into a Development Agreement that removed the property from the Suncrest Development Agreement Area and allowed the property to be developed with up to 160 townhomes. While the property was not rezoned to modern Draper City Municipal Code (DCMC) zoning designations, it is now vested to the current zoning code regulations.

Information courtesy of Draper City.

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July SunCrest Market Update

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SunCrest Midyear Market Update
The first six months of 2022 are behind us. We’ve been highlighting changes along the way, but here are 4 things you need to know about the SunCrest real estate market right now.

Home Affordability is a Rising Challenge
With nearly 45M Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 now aspiring to buy a home, home ownership simply isn’t attainable for many. Massive home price appreciation combined with rising interest rates are putting a “starter home” out of reach for many. Expect to see city leaders grapple with more creative (and affordable) higher-density projects such as townhomes, multiplexes, and live-work buildings as they grapple with addressing smart, sustainable, and affordable growth.

Home Price Appreciation is Slowing
If you’re in the market to buy this year, don’t expect a drop in prices. Why? Supply and demand. Even with more homes coming to the SunCrest market, we are still in a housing shortage. It’s not just about the total number of homes, but the type of homes that are available. After the crash in the 2000’s, home builders have built less entry-level homes, which is where most of the demand exists now that Millenials make up the largest group of homebuyers. Starter homes remain in high demand, so prices are still holding strong.

Inventory is Increasing, But it’s Still Very Low
Even though the market is shifting to have a little more balance between the number of homes for sale and the number of buyers who want them, the real estate market is still tremendously active and we’re still well below what many economists consider a “balanced market.” Today, SunCrest stands just under a 2 month supply of homes for sale. In other words, this means that if not one more home was listed for sale, it would only take 2 months to sell out of what’s listed. A more balanced inventory would be 4-6 months.

Price it Right
We’re seeing sellers get less than their original asking price—in some cases by 20%. In other words, they overshot the market and had to decrease their price in order to sell. This is a stark difference compared to the highly competitive market we’ve seen over the past few years, where stacks of offers came in far above asking price. While these homes still sold for a tidy profit, there can be huge risk in setting your original sales price too high. If you’re hiring a real estate agent, work with an experienced and knowledgeable one to set the price right the first time. Bottom line: Price it right and when you do so, most homes are still selling quickly.

Our Take
There’s no shortage of opinions on social media: “Buy now! Don’t sell! Wait for rates to come back down! The market is crashing. The market is just taking off!” We see it too, and it can all be a bit confusing to follow. For the best advice, reach out and work with an experienced agent. People love this neighborhood and demand for homes in SunCrest remains strong even as housing supply catches up and price appreciation settles. We’d love to help you make all the right moves when buying or selling in this new, but not uncharted market.

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