Seller Resources May 1, 2015

Why Use A Realtor When Selling? 

Selling your home can be a difficult task. With competition from neighbors and new construction, how can you get your home sold in a reasonable time for a fair price? Why pay a realtor?  The benefits to using a realtor when selling your home are many. They can help you determine the best time to sell, advise you on how to prepare your home to enter the market, determine the best price, market your home to the widest and best audience, and guide you through the selling process. Their experience can make your selling experience nearly carefree. 

Determining the Best Time to Sell

While employee transfers or other situations may not have the freedom to decide when to sell, the decision about when to sell is important. Do you have a deadline to sell? Can you wait a bit longer for a specific buyer? Do you have children in school? In all cases, but especially in SunCrest, the season and weather can have an effect on the market to sell your home.  

Listing at the wrong time can adversely affect your bottom line. With three decades of experience and residents of SunCrest, Robyn and Scott can help marry your home-selling needs with the condition of the market to get you in the market at the right time and get top dollar for your home.  

Preparing Your Home

Many sellers unwittingly spin their wheels trying to get their home ready for the market. On a limited budget, which will make the most difference: painting the walls or re-carpeting? Landscaping or finishing a bedroom?  

In addition to upgrades and fixes, how should you present your home to be sold? Did you know that removing appliances from the kitchen counter makes your kitchen look bigger to buyers?  

Why stab in the dark at what you think might make a difference, when an experienced Realtor can help you prioritize projects that amplify your bottom line?  

Determining a Price

The price of your home is a huge factor in determining how to sell your home. While it may be tempting to set a high price in hopes of luring still-generous offers, research shows this can actually drive away potential buyers, steer them towards your competition, delay the time it takes to sell your home, and result in a lower than fair final purchase price.  

A Realtor has powerful tools at their disposal to determine “fair market value.” Once this value is determined, you and your Realtor can decide where to set the price of your home– 5-10% above, 5-10% below, or right at the value–depending on your situation.  

Marketing Your Home

There’s much more to marketing than a “For Sale” sign in the yard. Open houses, magazine listings, flyers, websites; there are many methods to choose from.  When Robyn and Scott sell your home, they prepare a custom “25 Point Marketing Plan.” This plan goes through 25 exhaustive points to find the right tactics that will attract the right buyers at the right time, to get you a great price for your home. It’s a system they’ve developed over nearly 30 years in the industry and has proven results: in SunCrest it’s sold hundreds of homes since the community was built.  

The Selling Process

Offers. Counter-offers. Contingency offers. Seller concessions. On your own the selling process can be overwhelming. Having an experienced realtor to filter out offers and advise on the best offers will ultimately help you get the best price for your home.  Price, however, is only one facet of an offer. What about timeframe? Concessions? Who pays closing costs. Many times there is a better way to structure an offer that benefits you without affecting the buyer. Having a Realtor means knowing what options are available to you and having a smooth, easy transaction.  


It boils down to this: Realtors have done this time and time again. Experience is invaluable, and with three decades under our belt, Robyn and Scott have sold hundreds of homes.  Buyers will almost certainly have an experienced Realtor in their corner. It pays to level the playing field and put one in yours.