SunCrest News August 9, 2015

SunCrest Community BBQ – The Q In Review

Kudos SunCrest residents, kudos. Chalk it up that the 2015 #suncrestannualbbq was a success. After a skittish weekend of weather, Mother Nature left us alone (begrudgingly, I’m sure) to enjoy this SunCrest community event.

I enjoyed trying (note: trying) to meet everyone who checked in. I exchanged many a “Hello, how are you?” as residents checked in, but [regrettably] missed some conversations. See you around? I sure hope so.

Our hostess with mostess, Sam.

Our hostess with mostess, Sam.

Based on our ticket count, over 600 residents attended. Not too shabby for roughly 1300 homes up on the mountain.

I now know whom I need to take to Wendover or Vegas when I cross over to Nevada next.  We had two families beat the odds and take home two raffle prizes.

Mr. Nuzman would beg to differ. By following our Facebook and Instagram, he took home 100 new friends, all named George.

Winner of 100 G. Dubs!

Winner of 100 G. Dubs!

How about the games? The bounce house, rock wall, slide, and jousting gave me flash backs of Nitro, Laser, and Turbo circa 1989. I can hear the American Gladiators theme music now…

The OA staff was on point all night with the cotton candy and temporary tattoos.

Redbox, Netflix, Hulu, or the good ol’ fashion movies got the night off thanks to this big screen.

I’m on the left relaxing on the blanket…

Thanks to everyone who made it to the event. We hope you had as much fun as we did. One last thanks to our sponsors, The Ridge Market and Café, Penny Ann’s Café, Bake360, Red Bandana 4 Pets, and the SunCrest Snack Shack. These Draper businesses were AWESOME to support our event.