SunCrest News December 6, 2016

Thank You, SunCrest | 2016 Warm Winter Clothes Drive



2016-suncrest-donationsSunCrest, you’ve done it again. THANK YOU! We know there are a lot of opportunities (especially this time of year) to participate in drives or donations and we cannot thank you enough for your enthusiastic and continued generosity in our warm winter clothes drive.

suncrest-warm-winter-clothesIn 2014, we launched a warm winter clothing drive to help benefit schools in Heber City, Utah. Many residents of that community are the backbone workforces of the ski and tourism industry, often struggling to make ends meet with long hours and low wages. Many children attending school are below the poverty level. These kids and families don’t need new or brand name clothing, just warm winter clothes in the correct size so they can make it to and from school and enjoy recess. These donations have made a huge difference in these families lives.

With all the gratitude we have, THANK YOU for making this event a success! 

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