SunCrest News August 1, 2017

SunCrest Open Space Discussion & Edelweiss HOA Annexation

SunCrest Open Space Discussion

Draper City Council will be discussing the boundaries of a potential conversation easement for SunCrest area land (aka SunCrest open space.) This discussion will be held during their “study session” and is open to the public. However, no public comment will be allowed at the session. 
Background: In June, Draper City sold 110 acres of SunCrest area land commonly referred to as the Blue Bison Development. The sale of this land effectively paid the entire debt the City incurred from purchasing nearly 2,400 acres from Zions Bank in 2012 while also providing a multi-million dollar surplus of funds. 
Residents are welcome to attend to hear the discussion and vision for the area or you can contact the Mayor and Council here or by copying and pasting this link.

Edelweiss HOA Annexation

On June 28th, a motion was made by the SunCrest Board of Trustees  to approve the Edelweiss Subdivision to the SunCrest OA. Draper City, the Declarant outlined in the SunCrest CC&R’s, is the entity required to execute and record additional land into the SunCrest OA.
Draper City received declarant rights under the SunCrest CC&R’s when they purchased the remaining development from Zions Bank in 2012.