SunCrest News October 17, 2017

Draper election

It came to our attention recently that one of our signature photos of SunCrest was being used without our permission, in association with a local political campaign. You may have seen it show up in the mail or noticed it online. We have contacted the parties involved and hope the issue will be resolved quickly, but we felt like it was important to clarify: The image was used without our consent and SunCrest Lifestyle is not affiliated with any campaign.

The current election in Draper has been hotly contested and we’re glad to see so much discussion about the future of our city. We hope everyone in Draper will let their voice be heard this election and select the candidates they believe best represent their neighborhood, families, and themselves. We at SunCrest Lifestyle will continue to do our best to bring you all the news and information that affects us as residents, regardless of political party.