New Developments in SunCrest? Check Out These 5 Areas and What We May Expect in the Coming Years

Draper City has adopted an "Open Space Master Plan" that helps shape the future of the city. We've been watching this process closely over the years to see what it means for SunCrest and for the city at large. Since Draper already has over 4500 acres of open space, it's really become a jewel in Salt Lake Valley and as a result, SunCrest has risen to be one of the most treasured areas to live, work, and play.

So what does the future hold? Well, this plan was developed with the help of outside consultants, countless hours of input, open houses, and surveys and serves as the north star for the future of Draper City open space and development. Draper is going to continue to preserve areas of open space. As part of the overall plan, it did become clear that some parcels of land may have development. We thought we'd highlight five areas and bring you the inside scoop into what we may expect in the coming years.

Mercer Mountain Estates
This ~20 acre parcel sits next to the existing Hidden Canyon Estates area, and will provide some of the most pristine mountain and city views in SunCrest. This parcel, along with the Lakeview Heights parcel were part of an exchange involving a private owner and Draper City. There's already an existing development agreement from 2015 that indicates there can be 50 lots and the minimum size of each must be at least .27 acres. This development will be in the SunCrest OA.

Lakeview Heights
This ~20 acre parcel neighbors the current Maple Hollow subdivision and zoning allows for multi-unit density (think: townhomes, for example.) Entitled in 2015, the development agreement states there will be more than 160 units and will be required to set up their own Sub-HOA in addition to belonging to the SunCrest OA.

Sequoia/Blue Bison Developments
This ~110 acre parcel was sold by Draper City to help recoup the costs of the City's purchase of 2300 acres of SunCrest area land. This development borders the Highland/Alpine area and overlooks Utah County to the south. This area also lies within the SunCrest OA boundaries. The current density ranges from 30-50 single family units with potential for approximately 150 multi-family units. There's still a lot to work out for developers—access, secondary access, and water shares will ultimately dictate what is eventually built here.

Shoebox Property/Mountain Park Estates
At just over 80 acres, this area is heavily wooded by Gambel Oak and surrounded by the existing Tall Woods, Oak Vista, and Eagle Crest neighborhoods. This had been privately owned since before SunCrest was really "SunCrest". The current zoning on the property allows for commercial uses. This area is not currently a part of the SunCrest OA, but back in 2018 there was a preliminary site plan that included a request to join.

Draper City Owned Land
The city still owns nearly 8 acres of land surrounding the HOA clubhouse, pool, courts, and the SunCrest Community Clubhouse. This plan clears the way for the city to classify that land as "surplus" and sell it, should they ever decide to do so. While there are no immediate plans to do that, this may be an area to keep an eye on.

Our Take

Open space is one of the features that makes it such a great place to live, and we're glad to see Draper City has a plan to protect these open spaces. SunCrest is always evolving, and this plan gives us transparency into the next phase of our evolution. As we look toward the future, we can see that most development areas and maximum density is set, and although these potential developments will take years to happen (if at all) it's the collective involvement of everyone that helps shape what SunCrest becomes. Whether you're new or old to SunCrest, stay involved! Your voice and opinion can make a difference in what the area becomes. We're going to keep our finger on the pulse of what's happening so if you'd like to talk about how this new plan affects your plans to buy or sell (or move into a new development) we're happy to share what we know.


*All information provided as a courtesy. Information is always subject to change and is provided merely as an example at the time of this recording and should be independently verified for accuracy.