SunCrest News June 11, 2015

The New

Welcome to the new, fresh, and completely redesigned SunCrest Lifestyle.

Our vision with has always been a website for SunCrest to call “home.” From the events calendar, SunCrest News, highlighting the SunCrest “lifestyle”, or the ‘buzz’ about our featured SunCrest properties, we’ve received positive feedback from past, present, future residents and those just curious about our community since our original launch over 10 years ago.

As technology continues to evolve, we’ve recognized our need to change. That brings us to today, the new! Over the last several months, we’ve researched and analyzed what features you, our users, wanted and used the most.

Life In SunCrest

Life in SunCrest is different. Our people. Our homes. Our scenery. Our lifestyle. Residents, new neighbors, and general inquiries – this section is all about SunCrest.

SunCrest News

We are a passionate group of people. In this section, we’ll write about it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly. With a few clicks, you can receive email updates to stay informed.


SunCrest is a vibrant, active community where there’s always something to do. There are several events to look forward to every year, with new and different activities always being added. Check back often to view the latest happenings.

SunCrest Market Update

One of our favorite sections. Our old site was limited in what we could do to bring the visual real estate information residents enjoy. We’ve created a custom page where once a month we will crunch the numbers and bring you a hyper-local analysis of the SunCrest real estate market. We’ve also made it easy to have this sent to you once it’s published.

Featured Properties

We focus our business close to home. We wanted (and, admittedly, needed) a more visual, informative, user friendly, tablet/mobile responsive place to showcase our featured SunCrest homes. We improved our logo, our branding, and our marketing to reflect the SunCrest Lifestyle. For those interested in the latest SunCrest properties, we’ve made it simple to get them sent right to your inbox.

We are so excited about our new community site and hope you enjoy it! Thank you for visiting.