SunCrest Market Updates October 27, 2015

October SunCrest Market Update

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 SunCrest Fall Maintenance Tips

Each year, we provide fall maintenance tips to help prepare your home for the winter season. The coming weeks provide a good opportunity (and perhaps a last opportunity) to prepare your SunCrest home before the first snow flies. Here is our list of helpful fall maintenance tips:

The yard– clean up debris that may have blown in and become stuck in bushes, trees, and window wells. Rake up dead grass and leaves.

Rain gutters– clean out rain gutters and flush with water. Check for any leaks and repair as necessary. With our higher elevation and colder temperatures in SunCrest, clogged rain gutters could cause ice dams.

Roof- check the roof for damaged, missing, or curled shingles. Inspect the flashing and vents. If water penetrates the surface, it can freeze and lead to further damage.

Exterior water– to prevent exterior pipes from freezing, turn off the valves and run the remaining water until pipes are empty. You may also consider using an air compressor to “blow out” the sprinkler system. [NOTE: This may also reduce sprinkler frustration in the spring!]

Inspect the concrete– take steps now to repair damaged driveways, sidewalks or steps. Preventing water from expanding and contracting could help prolong the concretes life.

Exterior windows/doors– check for any peeling paint and re-paint exterior doors and doorframes to help prevent future damage.

Caulk windows & install weather stripping– seal gaps and cracks around windows and doors with caulk and install weather stripping.

Winterize lawn mower and prepare snow blower- clean the lawnmower and add winterizing additives to prepare it for hibernation. Start the snow blower to make sure it works before the first big storm.

Fire it up- run the fireplace and furnace to ensure it’s working properly. You may also consider having a professional inspect the systems.

Our Take:

When selling your SunCrest home, most SunCrest buyers will hire a professional home inspector who is working to protect the buyer’s investment. Taking a weekend or two (or hiring it out) now, will help prolong the life of your home and help with the selling process in the future.