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SunCrest Market Updates February SunCrest Market Update What’s the 2021 real estate market going to look like? In some ways, a lot like last year. Mortgage rates continue to hover at historic lows, and most forecasts have them remaining favorable throughout the year. The lack of homes for sale in SunCrest in 2020 looks to continue into this year as well. What […]
SunCrest Market Updates January SunCrest Market Update The 2020 SunCrest Market Summary To say, “What a year,” sort feels like an understatement. We still remember reading headlines in March that predicted a bubble bursting in real estate, declining home values, and a repeat of the late 2000’s. Turns out, we saw the opposite. Outside of a momentary slowdown at the start of […]
SunCrest Market Updates December SunCrest Market Update With cold weather now upon us, we’re spending even more time indoors. As a natural consequence, we usually see an uptick in home projects during the winter months and this year’s no exception. Whether you’re looking to sell your house or stay a while, you should be aware that not all renovations are created equal. […]
SunCrest Market Updates November SunCrest Market Update What’s Going On With House Appraisals? In a hot SunCrest real estate market, with low house inventory, and multiple-offer (aka bidding war) situations becoming more common; purchase prices are being driven up higher and higher. While that might sound great for a seller, it creates problems for buyers and sellers alike when the home is […]
SunCrest Market Updates October SunCrest Market Update Does an election year impact the SunCrest real estate market? We’ve actually been getting this question a lot as Election Day draws near. We do know that each fall the market slows as everyone settles in for the winter. But we thought we’d dig through the data to see if there are any trends in […]
SunCrest Market Updates September SunCrest Market Update Coronavirus Is Changing How Homes Look We’ve all been spending more time at home. With quarantines and business closures, you’ve probably memorized the number of tiles in your kitchen by now. It’s no surprise that more time at home has meant some emerging trends in real estate. We’ve outlined a few things we’re seeing from […]
SunCrest Market Updates August SunCrest Market Update How To Buy a House in a Competitive Market Last month, we shared that homes for sale are in short supply. This month we’re seeing the same, but in addition, we’re now seeing a new surge of buyers enter the market. Record low interest rates have made it a great time to buy, and everyone […]
SunCrest Market Updates July SunCrest Market Update The Housing Shortage Right now, we have a housing shortage. Homes for sale have been in short supply for a while now, but as businesses have adjusted to the pandemic and many workers will be at home for the foreseeable future, there’s been a surge of buyers looking to change their housing situation. What Does […]
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SunCrest Market Updates June SunCrest Market Update Having a great real estate professional on your team when buying or selling a house can be a huge help, and can save you loads of stress, hassle, headache, and money. But how do you hire a Realtor? We always recommend interviewing an agent before hiring them, and below are a few sample questions to […]
SunCrest Market Updates May SunCrest Market Update Maximizing your outdoor space People love to come to SunCrest for the clean air, the gorgeous views of the mountains, and to recreate, energize and rejuvenate in nature. When it comes to our homes, adding a functional outdoor exterior patio, deck or entertaining space can become an extension of your home and weave the outdoors […]
SunCrest Market Updates April SunCrest Market Update How has COVID-19 affected real estate? We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about how real estate is handling the COVID-19 situation. We’re going to break it down into two parts: How is the real estate market performing, and second, what are we advising when it comes to buying and selling homes? Are buyers and […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update – February Follow along: Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram SunCrest Market Update-February   Where Did All The Houses Go? Right now in SunCrest there are only six existing homes for sale. SIX! There’s one home listed under $500,000, one home listed between $500,000 to $600,000, and 4 above $600,000. We discussed some of the reasons why inventory tends to soften […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update- January Follow along: Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram SunCrest Market Update-January The 2019 SunCrest Market SummaryWhere did 2019 go? As we close out the year that was, we’d like to thank you—each resident of SunCrest—for all your support as we provide these monthly updates. Your comments, messages, and social and real life interactions keep us going. […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update-December Follow along: Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram SunCrest Market Update-December   Is January The New April? For a long time, April seemed to be the most happenin’ time to list a home. We recently shared with you many of the reasons that winter has huge advantages over other seasons when it comes time to buy […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update-November Follow along: Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram SunCrest Market Update-November   Where Exactly Is Your Home “Listed” For Sale? When you hire a real estate agent, your home is typically listed on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Here in Utah, we use the Wasatch Front Regional MLS, or WFRMLS. The MLS is one giant […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update-October Follow along: Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram SunCrest Market Update-October   Do homes sell in the winter? We totally get it. The snow starts to fall, and especially here in SunCrest we go into hibernation mode. When people ask us if homes still sell in winter, we’re not bashful in saying yes! The best time […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update-September Follow along: Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram SunCrest Market Update-September Preparing for a home inspection Whether you’re buying or selling, a home inspection is almost always part of the process. As a buyer, you want to “have look under the hood” before you go through with the purchase. It’s usually written into your offer as […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update – June Follow along:  Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram  SunCrest Market Update-June  What Happens When a Home Inspection Doesn’t Go According To Plan? Someone sells a home. Someone offers to buy it. In between the time the offer is made and the house is officially sold, the person buying the house asks for a period of “due diligence.” That’s just a fancy way […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update – May Follow along:  Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram  SunCrest Market Update-May  What Do You Do When Your Home Gets Multiple Offers? Imagine you’ve just spent time getting you house ready to sell, it’s all gussied up, and you and your REALTOR plant the for sale sign in the yard. The marketing plan is in full swing and your work starts to pay […]
SunCrest Market Updates SunCrest Market Update – April Follow along:  Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram  SunCrest Market Update-April  Construction Season Is Back With warmer weather now upon us, new home construction is back in full swing. Hamlet Homes recently purchased 71 lots in the Edelweiss subdivision from Lennar Homes (formerly Candlelight). Located off of Traverse Ridge Road and SunCrest Drive, Hamlet Homes will joining the Edelweiss Community. They’re offering […]