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SunCrest Market Updates November SunCrest Market Update SunCrest Calendar Contest update & the official launch SunCrest Lifestyle Warm Winter Clothes Drive We are excited to hold our annual SunCrest Lifestyle warm winter clothes drive. We’re collecting new or very gently used winter coats, jackets, hats, and gloves for those in need. This year, donations are being sent to The Family Support Center. They’re a non-profit that […]
SunCrest Market Updates September SunCrest Market Update New Developments in SunCrest? Check Out These 5 Areas and What We May Expect in the Coming Years Draper City has adopted an “Open Space Master Plan” that helps shape the future of the city. We’ve been watching this process closely over the years to see what it means for SunCrest and for the city at […]
SunCrest Market Updates August SunCrest Market Update 4 Easy Things To Do That Prep Your House For Sale The hot sellers market over the past few years is cooling off back to normal levels. That means home buyers have more time and more options when house hunting, and we’re starting to hear homeowners ask what they can do to get their house […]
SunCrest Market Updates July SunCrest Market Update SunCrest Midyear Market Update The first six months of 2022 are behind us. We’ve been highlighting changes along the way, but here are 4 things you need to know about the SunCrest real estate market right now. Home Affordability is a Rising Challenge With nearly 45M Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 now […]
SunCrest Market Updates June SunCrest Market Update What is the Hottest Word In Real Estate Right Now? We’re hearing one particular word a lot right now: shift. Just like “pivot” “the new normal” and “pre-COVID” were big buzzwords, we’re getting asked about the market shift a lot right now. Here are three shifts we’ve got our eyes on. Shifting Expectations For much […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Photo Contest and Garth Brooks Giveaway SunCrest Photo Contest and Garth Brooks Giveaway Garth Brooks. You read that right. As you know, we’re on a mission to design a SunCrest calendar that is made from photos of SunCrest, by SunCrest residents. We’ve received some great entries so far, but we still need more help! For any entry received before June 15th, you’ll be entered into a […]
SunCrest Market Updates April SunCrest Market Update Quarter 1 Review and an Update on Interest Rates The first quarter of 2022 is in the books! So far, things look quite different than they did a year ago. In the first three months of 2022, 21 SunCrest homes were listed and 16 sold. Compare that to the same time period in 2021 when […]
SunCrest Market Updates March SunCrest Market Update Rates, Russia, and the Spring Market It’s been an interesting start to the year so far, and a lot of people have asked about a few headlines and how they affect the real estate market. We’ve picked three of the most common: Interest rates, Russia, and the spring housing market. Rates Over the first 8 […]
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SunCrest Market Updates February SunCrest Market Update 2021 SunCrest Real Estate Year In Review It’s time for our annual “Year in Review” where we look at the past year in SunCrestReal Estate. The year 2021can be summed up in two words: record breaking. Home price appreciation saw 26% year over year increase, over 200 real estate sales took place, and the new […]
SunCrest Market Updates January SunCrest Market Update
SunCrest Market Updates December SunCrest Market Update Thank you, SunCrest! About 10 years ago, we started the SunCrest Lifestyle Warm WinterClothes Drive after a client mentioned some of her neighbors were struggling to make ends meet and couldn’t afford warm clothes. We knew we wanted to help and so we put together the idea of a clothes drive, crossed our fingers, and […]
SunCrest Market Updates November SunCrest Market Update How Accurate Are Instant Online Home Estimates? You’ve seen them before. “Click here to see how much your home is worth!” Websites like Zillow offer instant appraisals but how accurate are they? As it turns out, not very. For several years, Zillow had been buying up properties all over the nation. However, they recently shut […]
SunCrest Market Updates October SunCrest Market Update We’re excited to host our annual Warm Winter Clothes Drive. Over the years, you have donated hundreds of warm winter clothes items to those in need. We are humbled every time. Thank you! This year, we’re teaming up with The Family Support Center’s Midvale Life Start Village, a non-profit that provides housing and self-sufficiency programs […]
SunCrest Market Updates September SunCrest Market Update Is The Housing Market Starting To Shift? Over the last year, the housing market experienced a historic boom. Prices shot up, inventory was scarce, and homes sold in record time. Now, it appears we’re seeing the first signs of the market balancing out. Here are three key factors to keep an eye on: Number of […]
SunCrest Market Updates August SunCrest Market Update 5 Apps Every Homeowner Should Have Whether you recently bought your SunCrest home or you’re a seasoned SunCrest homeowner, these are 5 of the best mobile apps to help make owning a home easier. Yelp (See also: Thumbtack, HomeAdvisor) Yelp helps homeowners find whatever they need at the touch of a button. Whether it’s a […]
SunCrest Market Updates July SunCrest Market Update The 2021 SunCrest Mid-Year Real Estate Report Is it just us, or is 2021 flying by? With COVID restrictions loosened, we’re seeing more faces out in the community, on the trails, or at neighborhood events. As we look forward to the second half of the year we’d like to thank you for all your support […]
SunCrest Market Updates June SunCrest Market Update What Does A Home’s Listing Price Really Mean? When someone decides to sell their house, one of the biggest decisions they have to make is how much to sell it for. Sellers, often with the help of a real estate agent, estimate the market value by looking at comparable houses that have sold and making […]
SunCrest Market Updates May SunCrest Market Update Are We In A Bubble (And Is It Going To Burst) We get asked this a lot—is this another housing bubble? The recession of the 2000’s is still in our minds, and home prices have recently skyrocketed, while wages haven’t kept pace. While it’s true that the current market won’t last forever, we don’t yet […]
SunCrest Market Updates April SunCrest Market Update Three Reasons There’s A Shortage of Homes For Sell Ask anyone who’s trying to buy a home right now, and they’ll probably describe the experience as “competitive, challenging, and exhausting.” The reason is simple: there are way more people looking for a home to buy than there are homes for sale. But the cause? That’s […]
SunCrest Market Updates March SunCrest Market Update Can I Sell Now And Buy Later? The current market has a lot of people wanting to sell their home for top dollar. That sounds great, but once you sell, where do you go? We get asked this question about selling now and buying later, and wanted to share three potential solutions that allow you […]