SunCrest Market Updates November 25, 2015

November SunCrest Market Update

In addition to our hyperlocal SunCrest focus, we’re also involved in national real estate issues. We recently attended the National Association of Realtors conference, a gathering of over 20,000 Realtors. Below we recap a big takeaway from this year’s event.

SunCrest Real Esate

SunCrest RealtorShiny new objects

Technology is changing the way the real estate industry operates, and the way Realtors are doing business. From online listing websites, to virtual home tours, to mobile apps that tell you when you’re near a house for sale, there are countless new ways to go about finding or selling a home.

As a consumer, you can now research the entire buying or selling process, sift through listings online, educate yourself about the school system in a neighborhood you’re interested in, or get a “free market analysis in 30 seconds” all from the comfort of your home.

Walking through the trade show this year was quite eye opening. Technology is creating a sense of urgency for Realtors to chase the latest and greatest “shiny new objects” being marketed. We saw everything from online sales leads, apps that predict how likely someone is to sell their home, software that scans your social media posts to find potential clients, and companies that offer to track and communicate with your past clients so Realtors can relax all year long.

Our Take:

Technology streamlines processes and increases education. It empowers buyers and sellers to make the best buying and selling decisions out there.  However, just chasing the “shiny new objects” is no replacement for experience and know-how. Not all technology is created equal, and knowing which tools have been proven and which are smoke and mirrors is not always easy. There’s no substitute for sitting down at the table with someone to talk about your personalized options, or having a trusted advisor to help navigate during one of life’s unexpected events. Technology can’t answer the phone to work through a stressful negotiation with you or celebrate with you when you close on your new house.