SunCrest Development April 13, 2016

Hidden Canyon Estates Plat | City Council Recap

Hidden Canyon Estates

Recently, Draper City held a public hearing to discuss the preliminary plat for the Hidden Canyon Estates subdivision. We were there and below is a summary of the comments we made.

City council will vote on this matter at their next meeting. PLEASE voice any questions, comments or concerns you have directly to the City Council by emailing them here.

The development agreement will require homeowners pay into the TRSSD. No other financial compensation is proposed for road repair or maintenance from construction.
Street Size:
Snow accumulation and where it can be pushed has been a recurring issue in SunCrest. The applicant is requesting the street size to be reduced from 56′ to 50′. This street size is comparable to other streets in SunCrest. Last year, Draper City approved 46′ wide streets with one sidewalk for the pending Edelweiss development.
Open Space:
The development agreement requires a minimum lot size of .17 acre and as presented complies with current zoning. The plans offer no open space within the subdivision. There is a retention pond that is slated to have a walking path but no green space, playground, or tot lot.
The plans as presented provide a conceptual drawing of the proposed trails. There are no trailheads, just connections into the existing trail system. The development agreement does state the applicant will be donating $500,000 to the parks and trails that is “to be used in the area” by the time the applicant begins their second phase.
Street Entry/Exit: 
A single entry lane, a deceleration lane, and a left hand turn lane will be made at the subdivision ingress. A left, right, and acceleration lane will be made at the egress to the subdivision.
No answer was given regarding a sidewalk running along the East side of SunCrest drive.
No definitive answer was given if any of the proposed area is in wetlands. The proposal does require that a “determination be made by a competent professional” prior to approval.
Loose ends:
Hidden Canyon Estates is not currently included the master SunCrest HOA.
The applicant stated the development is likely a 3-7 year project.
Unless another egress is made, they are limited to 50 homes from a single access point.