SunCrest Development August 11, 2016

Edelweiss preliminary plat

Edelweiss Development

After unanimously passing the planning commission, Draper City Council will review a new preliminary plat proposal for the Edelweiss subdivision 7 PM, August 16th, at 1020 East Pioneer Road. This 171 lot, 61 acre subdivision is located north and east of the existing Stoneleigh Heights townhomes.

2016 Edelweiss Preliminary Plat Map

Edelweiss Preliminary Plat Map

Draper City approved a preliminary plat last year but due to geologic hazards on the north-west portion of the property, the applicant had made changes to to their plat. Most notably:

  • Eliminating the connection from Stoneleigh Heights Drive.
  • Eliminating townhomes from their subdivision.
  • Reconfiguration of the cottage and estate lots.

    2015 Edelweiss Preliminary Plat Map

    PREVIOUS Edelweiss Preliminary Plat Map

Read the full legal stuff and planning commission packet here. Email the city here.