SunCrest Development November 1, 2016

Draper City Property Surplus | Mercer Hollow Area

After approving a 7.3 million dollar offer from Blue Bison Development on 110 acres of SunCrest area property that was declared surplus (surplus= the city’s way of saying “for sale”), Draper City appears to be looking to sell more SunCrest area land.

After a proposal from the developer at an October business meeting to purchase additional land from the City, Draper City will seek public comment on the matter at the December 6th City Council meeting. Below is an overview of the newly proposed surplus area.


The proposed parcel, along with the 110 acres currently under contract are in the same proximity as the 20-acre parcel known as Mercer Mountain Estaes that was used to facilitate a settlement agreement between a private developer and Draper City.  It’s possible each neighboring development could provide secondary access to each other.

110 SunCrest Surplus
Residents are encouraged to participate by attending the Draper City council on December 6th or by emailing assistant city manager Russell Fox (