SunCrest DevelopmentSunCrest News December 21, 2016

Draper delays 55 acre surplus, planning SunCrest open space

Draper City Council unanimously voted to delay the surplus of 55 acres of SunCrest area land until a definitive conversation easement can be put into place for the greater SunCrest area. The decision comes after receving public input in a crowded public hearing and efforts led by Draper Mayor Troy Walker in exploring a conversation easement with Salt Lake County.


Image courtesy of Draper City

Walker said, “There are a lot of questions that are not answered and I think the public comment has given us a lot of opportunities and avenues to look….conservation easement is something I am very in favor of.”

In addition to the conversation easement and as part of their overall plan for SunCrest open space, the City will look to surplus areas for probable residential development in an effort to help pay off the debt incurred from the original SunCrest purchase. In the coming weeks or months, Draper City will hold meetings regarding the surplus (sale) of additional SunCrest land and a more definitive outline of where a perpetual conversation easement will be.


Image courtesy of Draper City

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