SunCrest Market Updates December 11, 2017

December SunCrest Market Update

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Dear SunCrest,

We don’t even know where to begin. Four years ago, an idea was born to collect warm winter clothes for those who desperately needed it. We brought their plea to you — our friends, our neighbors, our SunCrest community — and you delivered in a big way.

“Why stop there?” we wondered. Since then, this annual tradition has continued to grow. Not only have your donations grown, but so have your stories of what this has meant to you. Seeing your donations literally pile up (and overflow!) at the clubhouse has been an amazing and touching experience for us. Personally meeting neighbors to pick up donations and hear stories of “I’ve been saving these for 6 months to give to you,” or “I went and bought these items for the drive,” has been a humbling and rewarding reminder of what a great community we live in.

This year, SunCrest donated over 600 items, nearly 20% more than years past! In addition to the used items that go to The Road Home, approximately 60 brand new items were donated and will be a part of  Candy Cane Corner, a holiday store stocked with donations where low-income, struggling families and individuals from the YWCA, Road Home, and Volunteers of America can go to “shop” in a dignified way for presents for their families. Every item you gave will help someone this season.

Thank you SunCrest. Thank you for your donations, big or small. Thank you for helping another man, woman, or child stay a little warmer this winter.

With gratitude,

Scott Steadman and Robyn Foulger


Our SunCrest Market Update is a hyper-local analysis of the most up-to-date information regarding the SunCrest real estate market.  The previous month’s SunCrest housing information and future editions are released monthly.