SunCrest Market Updates March 22, 2019

SunCrest Market Update – March

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SunCrest Market Update-March 

Here Come The Listings…
Spring is just around the corner which means warmer weather (hooray!) and more SunCrest homes coming to the SunCrest real estate market. This month, we take a deeper dive into what we anticipate seeing as the snow melts and the for sale signs pop up.
The Cyclical SunCrest Market

As predictable as snow melting and flowers blooming, the second quarter of every year brings the highest number of homes available for sale than any other quarter. Accordingly, Q3 typically yields the highest number of homes sold as Q2’s listings work through showings, offers, inspections, and financing on an average 30-45 day lag.

Do Homes Sell Faster In Spring?
Well, maybe. The 3-year history in SunCrest isn’t really conclusive, if you ask us. In fact, the data might actually suggest that homes spend less time on the market in the colder months. However, spring does see a flurry of activity not only from people selling, but all those sellers looking for a new place to buy. By pure numbers, we see a lot more interested buyers when the weather warms.
Our Take:
Like gardens sprouting, spring brings a flurry of activity to the SunCrest real estate market. This spring, if interest rates continue to stay low while wages increase, and we see more houses for sale like in the past, we believe 2019 could be one of the most balanced years (equal number of buyers and sellers) for home sales in recent history.

Our SunCrest Market Update is a hyper-local analysis of the most up-to-date information regarding the SunCrest real estate market.  The previous month’s SunCrest housing information and future editions are released monthly.