SunCrest Development July 28, 2022

Lakeview Heights (Trailside Townhomes) Development

John Wheatley, representing IKON Development, is requesting for approval of a Site Plan and Plat Amendment to develop the vacant property with 152 townhomes. The hearing will be held July 28, 2022 at 6:30 PM 1020 E. Pioneer Rd. Draper, UT 84020.

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From Draper City:
This application is a request for approval of a Site Plan and Plat Amendment for approximately 19.37 acres located on corner of Brookings Dr. and Suncrest Dr., at 2142 East Brookings Dr. (Exhibit B & C). The property is currently zoned RR-22, RR-43, and RM. The applicant is requesting that a Site Plan be approved to allow the property to be developed with 152 townhomes and a Plat Amendment to consolidate the six lots that encompass the property into one single lot.

The property was originally part of the Suncrest development area and was recorded as Lots 1301-1306 of the Maple Hollow Phases 10, 11, and 13 at Suncrest plat. The Suncrest Master Plan for these properties was for them to be developed with commercial uses. The Suncrest development is vested under the 1999 Draper City Municipal Code (1999 DCMC) and properties in this area still contain zoning designations from the 1999 DCMC, like The
Trailside Townhomes App. # SPR-58-2022, SUBD-111-2022 Site Plan and Plat Amendment Request RR-22, RR-43, and RM zones.

In 2015 the then property owner and Draper City entered into a Development Agreement that removed the property from the Suncrest Development Agreement Area and allowed the property to be developed with up to 160 townhomes. While the property was not rezoned to modern Draper City Municipal Code (DCMC) zoning designations, it is now vested to the current zoning code regulations.

Information courtesy of Draper City.