SunCrest Market Updates August 25, 2022

August SunCrest Market Update

4 Easy Things To Do That Prep Your House For Sale
The hot sellers market over the past few years is cooling off back to normal levels. That means home buyers have more time and more options when house hunting, and we’re starting to hear homeowners ask what they can do to get their house ready to sell, and sell quicker.

Selling a home entails a whole lot more than just planting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn or uploading a few photos of your place. If you’re considering putting your house on the market, here are 4 easy things you can do today to help prepare your home:

Consider Your Curb Appeal
You never get a second chance to make that first impression. Wow them right away, and inspire the undecided to put your house on their list, visit an open house, or make a phone call to schedule a tour. This means keeping your landscaping in good order and touching up any weather worn areas like shutters, eaves, beams, and door trims. Consider adding water wise flowers, painting the front door, and keep that porch swept and sidewalk cracks weed-free.

Declutter Living Areas
Less is definitely more when it comes to getting your house ready to show. First, start by getting rid of anything that isn’t moving with you, then pack up some of your less essential items that you’re planning to take with you like countertop appliances, extra furniture, or less frequently used gadgets. Not only will clearing clutter help your house look more appealing (and bigger) to buyers, but you’ll have a headstart on your move once an offer is inked.

Depersonalize Your Space
Look, you are beautiful and so is your family but let’s remove any distractions so potential buyers can visualize themselves and their own family living in the property. Remove personal items and family photos, as well as bold artwork and distinct decor that might make the home less appealing to the average Joe. The goal here is to create a blank canvas on which buyers can project their own visions of living there, and loving it.

Clean, Clean, Clean
Once you’re done cleaning your house, clean some more. Nobody ever requests a messy house. When selling your home, it’s important to keep everything tidy. Remember to take special care with the kitchens and bathrooms – make sure the tile, counters, shower, and floors shine. Do it yourself or hire it out, but more sparkle in your house may mean more jingle in your pocket.

Our Take
Prepping your house is what sets apart smart sellers from everyone else. With the market returning to planet Earth, home prep is coming back to the forefront and it’s becoming more and more important to know how to be ready to sell. Where should you focus your time? Besides the items on our list, what should you do to make repairs, upgrades, or renovations? Is it worth it? Do some research to find a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about your specific market. You likely wouldn’t hire a doctor because they make funny videos online or a financial planner without any experience. Find an expert who knows the market and knows exactly what to do to help you get ready to sell. Like always, we’d love to help. Whether you’re first choice or a second opinion we’d love to help you gameplan if you’re in the market to buy or sell.