SunCrest Homes 2184 Eagle Crest Drive suncrest lifestyle presents 2184 Eagle Crest Drive Welcome to 2184 Eagle Crest Drive Draper, Utah 84020 This home offers those everyday moments that make you appreciate that you’re actually living the life you’ve chosen. It’s not all just about space and square footage, it’s about living your life in a space that makes every moment […]
SunCrest Homes 15747 Rolling Bluff Drive Suncrest lifestyle Presents 15747 Rolling Bluff Drive Welcome to 15747 Rolling Bluff Drive Draper, Utah 84020 What is it about a handwritten card that just hits differently? Oh sure, emails get the point across. Text messages are handy. But there’s something special about the personal touch of a handwritten note. Whatever that special something is, […]
SunCrest Homes 14953 Winged Bluff Lane SunCrest Lifestyle Presents 14953 Winged Bluff Lane Welcome to 14953 Winged Bluff Lane Sometimes, finding the perfect home feels like a balancing act. You list your wild daydreams on one side, your realistic needs on the other, and hope for some sweet spot in the middle. It’s a battle between nice-to-have and need-to-have; the tug […]
SunCrest Homes 15107 Eagle Chase Drive 15107 Eagle Chase Drive Welcome to 15107 Eagle Chase Drive Draper, Utah 84020 Ever watched Napoleon Dynamite? You know, the tale of a quirky dude who, once you get to know him, steals the spotlight? Well, that’s pretty much how we see this house. It’s not your run-of-the-mill two-story you’re tired of stumbling upon. Nope, […]
SunCrest Homes 1928 Eagle Crest Dr SunCrest Lifestlye presents 1928 Eagle Crest Drive Welcome to 1928 Eagle Crest Dr Draper, Utah 84020 What would it be like to live in SunCrest? Words fall short, but it’s a full sensory experience: your lungs constantly fill with fresh air, your eyes take in towering peaks and twinkling valley lights, your feet touch and […]
SunCrest Homes 14875 Saddle Leaf Court 14875 Saddle Leaf Court Welcome to 14875 Saddle Leaf Ct Draper, UT 84020 Remember that feeling growing up when you’d go to your grandparents’ house? The anticipation of the drive there, the joy of pulling in the driveway, and how you knew you’d be spoiled the moment you walked in? It was pure magic. Well, […]
SunCrest Homes 15232 S Eagle Chase Drive 15232 S Eagle Chase Drive Welcome to 15232 S Eagle Chase Drive Draper, Utah 84020 Can’t. Stop. Scrolling. We get it-this is one of those homes that makes you cycle through the photo carousel at least a dozen times. Inspiration and motivation are likely to follow, because these sellers are superb SunCrest citizens and have […]
SunCrest Homes 15164 Traverse Ridge Road 15164 Traverse Ridge Road Welcome to 15164 Traverse Ridge Rd Draper, UT 84020 Homes evolve. They change. They have to. If it weren’t for change, we’d still see carpeted bathrooms, beaded curtains, or popcorn ceilings. Here in SunCrest, we occasionally see some homes that haven’t changed since the day they were built and while the […]
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SunCrest Homes 1930 Aspen Leaf Place 1930 Aspen Leaf Place Welcome to 1930 Aspen Leaf Place Draper, Utah 84020 If we had to choose just one word to describe this house, there’s no question we would pick elevate. For starters, it’s actually elevated above all the houses below. Sitting in SunCrest at over 6,000 feet in elevation, you get to live […]
SunCrest Homes 15139 Auburn Ridge Lane 15139 Auburn Ridge Lane Welcome to 15139 S Auburn Ridge Ln, Draper, UT 84020 You know that feeling when you finally take off your sunglasses? How much more clear, colorful, and true-to-life everything seems? That’s kinda what it’s like to tour this SunCrest 2-story. For starters, the curb appeal is all about color and contrast-the […]
SunCrest Community Pie It Forward SunCrest 2023 No matter how you slice it, SunCrest is a special place to live. At this time of year, we start to think about how thankful we are for this community. From helping find a missing furry friend, anonymous lawn mowing or snow shoveling, or recommendations for SunCrest owned business, we are grateful for all the […]
Uncategorized 1932 E Longbranch Dr 📍1932 E Longbranch Dr 🛏 6 , 🛁 4, 📐 4,544 ft.² , on 🌳.21 acres. Offered at 💰1,000,000. It’s cuffing season. If you haven’t heard of this phenomenon before it’s worth a minute or two on Wikipedia, but we’ll give you the quick definition. Cuffing season: That time of year when single people look […]
SunCrest Homes 15083 S Winged Bluff Lane 📍15083 S Winged Bluff Ln 🛏 4 , 🛁 3.5, 📐 3,225 ft.² , on 🌳. 13 acres. Offered at 💰750,000. You’re going to have to trust us on this one, but anytime there’s a house on Winged Bluff Lane, people take note. This street (not that we have favorites) is kinda known for exceptional […]
SunCrest Community Warm Winter Clothes Drive 2023 We’re excited to hold our annual SunCrest Lifestyle warm winter clothes drive. We’re collecting new or very gently used Winter coats, jackets, gloves, and boots for those in need. As you pull out your warmer clothes and find items that don’t fit or just may not be your style anymore, we’d love to take them […]
SunCrest Homes 14644 S Snow Blossom Way 📍14644 S Snow Blossom Way 🛏 6 , 🛁 3.5, 📐 4,530 ft.² , on 🌳. 33 acres. Offered at 💰1,295,000 Have you ever spent time with a puppy? The tail wagging, the wide eyes—they’re excited about everything! We ask because we recently found ourselves acting just like a pup when we toured this Suncrest […]
SunCrest Homes 16032 S Timber Brook Dr 📍16032 S Timber Brook Dr 🛏 5 , 🛁 3.5, 📐 2,701 ft.² , on 🌳. 14 acres. Offered at 💰635,000. Remember when a neighborhood used to be a neighborhood? You know the kind where kids would play, neighbors would socialize, and you could forget about the problems of the world for just a moment […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Farmers Market SunCrest! We are blown away by the incredible energy of this community. The turnout at the SunCrest Farmers Market was awesome. We are not only thrilled to be a part of it, but we are here to rally behind our fellow local businesses too. It’s all about meeting new neighbors, reuniting with old pals, and […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Pool Opening Plunge What a party! We had a BLAST at the pool opening celebration. Huge kudos to @suncrestut for kicking the pool season off in such amazing fashion. Over 250 hot dogs were served, 225 Hokulia’s shaved ice handed out, great tunes from the @bestdjinutah, games, local heroes, and plenty of slides and splashes.  It was great to see familiar faces and meet new neighbors. See you at […]
SunCrest Market Updates 2022 Year in Review 2022 Year in Review It’s time for our annual “Year in Review” where we look at the past year in SunCrest Real Estate. 2022 started off much like 2021 with many homes receiving multiple, above asking price offers. As interest rates rose, the total number of homes listed and sold decreased and prices flattened. Overall, […]
SunCrest Community High Five for Snowplow Drivers SunCrest Lifestyle High Five for Snowplow Drivers This year’s snowfall has been remarkable! We couldn’t stop thinking about how hard Draper City staff has been working to help keep our roads clear and we want to help give them a little “High Five” for going above and beyond their call of duty. Introducing the SunCrest […]