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SunCrest Homes 15083 S Winged Bluff Lane 📍15083 S Winged Bluff Ln 🛏 4 , 🛁 3.5, 📐 3,225 ft.² , on 🌳. 13 acres. Offered at 💰750,000. You’re going to have to trust us on this one, but anytime there’s a house on Winged Bluff Lane, people take note. This street (not that we have favorites) is kinda known for exceptional […]
SunCrest Homes 14644 S Snow Blossom Way 📍14644 S Snow Blossom Way 🛏 6 , 🛁 3.5, 📐 4,530 ft.² , on 🌳. 33 acres. Offered at 💰1,295,000 Have you ever spent time with a puppy? The tail wagging, the wide eyes—they’re excited about everything! We ask because we recently found ourselves acting just like a pup when we toured this Suncrest […]
SunCrest Homes 16032 S Timber Brook Dr 📍16032 S Timber Brook Dr 🛏 5 , 🛁 3.5, 📐 2,701 ft.² , on 🌳. 14 acres. Offered at 💰635,000. Remember when a neighborhood used to be a neighborhood? You know the kind where kids would play, neighbors would socialize, and you could forget about the problems of the world for just a moment […]
SunCrest Homes The “Average” SunCrest Home Sold in 2020 The “Average” SunCrest Home Sold in 2020 2020 was another busy year for the SunCrest Real Estate market. As you’ve probably heard us say before, we don’t think there are any average homes in SunCrest. But, we do like to create what one looks based on the previous years’ sold data. So, here’s what the […]
SunCrest Homes 15122 S. Eagle Chase Drive 💰 $430,000 | 📐 3,336 sq. ft. | 🛏 6 beds | 🛁 3 baths | MLS: 1646157 – Windermere →SCHEDULE SHOWING← Every home has a story… Every home has a story, and this one is pretty special. We’ve been lucky enough to watch the story of this home unfold. We were here when it […]
SunCrest Homes 1833 E. Seven Oaks Ln Text link here
SunCrest Homes 1772 E. Auburn Ridge Ln
SunCrest Homes SunCrest Open House Tour Come take a peek at a pair of SunCrest’s finest listings Saturday Sept 14th.  We’ll be available to answer questions you may have, provide SunCrest real estate information, or just chat about how we live in the greatest community in Utah. Can’t make it? Schedule a showing here or 
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