September SunCrest Market Update

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SunCrest Open Space Master Plan

Draper Open Space

Draper City is currently updating the Open Space Master Plan. At the City’s first open house regarding the matter in September, we saw a glimpse of the possibilities that are being considered. Here are our main takeaways from the event.

Deer Ridge Development

Additional development at Deer Ridge, located in the Southwest corner of SunCrest, may be on hold. It’s unclear if that is a temporary status or a permanent decision. Depending on if you were speaking to consultants assisting with the master plan, or actual City staff, the information wasn’t consistent. The City indicated, as they had done in previous meetings, that much of the infrastructure is in place in Deer Ridge, and the City may look for ways to recoup the costs of the SunCrest purchase and didn’t rule out future development. Consultants however, cited public opinion and surveys that open space and recreation might be the best use of this land. Ideas range from conservation easements, revenue generating uses, and further development of the trail system.

Draper Trails, Trailheads, And Trail System Expansion

The current Draper and Corner Canyon trail systems may be beefed up, in a big way. It’s important to note that nothing specific is underway yet, but the following were discussed:

Draper Trails and Draper Trailheads

Edelweiss Trailhead – The current proposed trailhead is now located directly east of Stoneleigh Heights (versus within the future Edleweiss development). Proposed 12-16 parking spots and restrooms.

Hidden Canyon Trailhead – This proposed trailhead would be located directly off of SunCrest Drive and off of the road currently in development for the Hidden Canyon Estates subdivision. This trailhead would be similar to the Orson Smith Trail Head and be completed with restrooms, a small playground, and a pavilion.

Brookside Trailhead – Currently, Brookside Drive is the road that leads to nowhere in Maple Hollow. There is discussion about a new trailhead, with amenities, atop this road and rerouting the Maple Hollow Trail to connect with the Eagle Crest trail.

Our Take:

Many ideas are being tossed around. They range from dog parks, disc golf, campgrounds, sledding hills, chair lifts, and outdoor recreation centers, among others. It’s great to see so many ideas being considered and it will be interesting to see what sticks. In regards to future development, it’s clear the City is being careful of where conservation easements may or may not be placed and what portions may make sense for future development. With 40 acres of (former) City owned land now heading towards development, we’re excited to have a vision for the future.

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Future SunCrest Development

Future SunCrest Development

Let’s take a look at what we can expect going forward regarding future development in SunCrest. With DR Horton completing their development in Stoneleigh Heights and continuing their build out in Tall Woods and Mercer Hollow, let’s look ahead to 2015!


Edleweiss - DJMLocated north and east of the existing Stoneleigh Heights townhomes, this appears to be the next addition to SunCrest. Edelweiss was recently granted a zoning change to allow their proposed development of 181 townhomes, cottages and single-family estate on 61 acres. Access to this parcel is through Stoneleigh Heights Drive, Haddington Drive and an emergency access off Deer Park Lane.

Hidden Canyon Estates (DJM Investments LLC)

Located east of the Edelweiss development and Stoneleigh Heights III, it’s believed that this development is seeking about 300-350 homes on approximately 135 acres. This development will likely connect to Edelweiss, as well as a new road from SunCrest Drive.

Michel Land LLC 

Shoe Box MapKnown as the “shoe box” property, this 83-acre development has recently been discussed to include residential homes and possibly a storage facility and/or a charter school. Recent tractors and machinery in the area suggest geotechnical studies and soil analysis may have begun.

Draper City Surplus Parcels

Surplus AreaThe 20-acre parcel located near Maple Hollow has been an eyesore for many and commonly referred to as the “concrete jungle.” This parcel, when developed, is likely to include higher density units. Draper City declared this and an additional 100-acre parcel near Highland as surplus earlier this year. Declaring property as surplus is the city’s formal declaration of their intent to sell. Requests for proposals were sent out by the city but at this time, it’s still owned by the city 

Deer Ridge III

Deer Ridge III MapOriginally planned for 30-40 custom homes, it’s unlikely this area will remain undeveloped; much of the infrastructure is already in place. This area does, however, present a challenge to future developers due to only having a single access point in the event of an emergency.

Our Take: With the real estate market stabilizing, fewer distressed properties, attractive interest rates, and high demand for new construction, we expect 2015 to a busy year for new construction in SunCrest. If you love SunCrest and are thinking about building your dream home, now is a great time to prepare to get the pick of the litter in new lots.
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