June SunCrest Market Update

Since April, you’ve probably noticed “For Sale” signs popping up out of the ground in SunCrest. In chatting with neighbors throughout out the community, we’ve been asked, “Why’s everyone moving? Is there something wrong with SunCrest I don’t know about?” Our answer: Nope! Just like tulips emerging each Spring, this phenomenon happens about this time of year, every year.

Unlike other years, however, some media outlets have been reporting we are headed for another housing bubble like we saw in 2007. They credit extremely low inventory, low interest rates, and a buying frenzy among Millennials (those age 35 and under).

During 2007, SunCrest was booming with new construction and in hot markets like ours, it was typical to see a higher premium paid on new construction versus existing homes. During this boom, builders couldn’t build quick enough to keep up with the demand of buyers. This, along with loose lending standards, created higher prices.

Another Bubble Forming?

But are we experiencing a bubble now?  CoreLogic, a data driven real estate economics firm, says no, and we think they’re probably right. This infographic breaks down national home prices now, versus the peak we saw in the late 2000’s.

Peak Price

Are we experiencing another bubble in SunCrest?

Definitely not. We got our shovels and dug up SunCrest statistics for homes sold. We took the average of 3 like properties from the first 6 months of 2007 and compared it to the first 6 months of 2015. Pretty startling.

SunCrest Peak

Our Take:

The good news is, we’re not seeing those inflated (dare we say bubble?) prices of yesteryear. However, many residents in SunCrest are still experiencing negative equity. Their property was purchased at the peak and they’ve pulled down the lap bar to ride the roller coaster of rebounding housing prices. On the flip-side, some residents purchased at the bottom and have a bit of equity when the time comes to sell. Whatever scenario you may be faced with when selling, using a team of professionals that has studied and understands the past, will help put you in a good place when it comes time to act on your future.

fielding hill before after jpg

Fielding Hill Remodel: Before & After

When the Murphys called us to discuss selling their home, we wanted to talk to them out of it. Not because we thought for one minute that their home wouldn’t sell, but because we didn’t want to see them go. This is our third transaction together and quite frankly, we think SunCrest is a better place with them here.

When the Murphys purchased this property, they recognized it needed a little tender loving care. On the day they got keys, they came armed and ready. I think I recall them showing up to closing with a sledgehammer and hard hats. Oh sure, lots of us have big plans to “knock down this wall” or “remodel that room,” but sometimes life gets busy and big plans get postponed. This wasn’t the case with the Murphys.

Immediately walking in the front door, the entry and living room ambience is now cozy, warm, and welcoming.

The exterior underwent a facelift that would make HGTV’s ‘Curb Appeal’ drool. The fence creates separation and defines the outdoor living space. The Murphys say they now spend countless hours on the deck enjoying nature and the unobstructed views. How can you not?

How about the mater suite remodel? The trendy and fashionable barn door compliments the homes fixtures and consistent design. The 4-piece bath with the (gigantic) tub is perfect for a relaxing soak after a long day. Bubble bath can negotiable with the sale.

The most dramatic changes happened in the kitchen and the family room. The decision to knock down the cut outs (tube tv’s were soooo early 2000’s), construct the wood beam, add distressed wood to the wall and accent the fireplace was spot on and caught us by surprise. The space is more open and creates a warm inviting gathering place that it lacked with the original design.

We think the before and after pictures speak for themselves. We’ve been fortunate to be a part of the process and see the dramatic changes. What’s that old adage, leave things better than you found them?

For more photos and information on this property, click here.

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