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I came around the corner of my driveway a couple of weeks ago and looked up at one of our Maple trees. Red. The leaves were starting to turn RED already. It threw me into a complete panic. I have barely had time to scratch off a couple of my summer bucket list to-dos. Please let it be my eyes playing tricks on can't be FALLLLLLLLL.

Here we are, starting September. The kids are back in school, the swimming pool has been drained and Costco has Christmas out already. MUST be fall. Autumn is actually my favorite season...I love the smell of the leaves, the cool mornings and evenings and the rush of all things yet to come. It is amazingly gorgeous up on the mountain in fall. Take a look at Maple Hollow. Right off of a postcard.

Change is a good thing; it keeps things fresh and exciting. If you want fresh and exciting, you are going to be ecstatic over the opening of The Ridge. We have had the opportunity to watch the construction process, speak with the chef and toss ideas to the manager. This is going to be so amazing. If you are wondering if there will be something in the new market; trust me...they have already anticipated that! A particular menu choice? Essentials for the kitchen? They seem to have thought of everything.

The Ridge will be a gathering place for neighbors, a destination dining experience, and a place that makes our lives easier. Smoothies, Starbucks coffee, cocktails, artisan breads (and pizza and bread dough to go) deli sandwiches, and homemade ice cream to name a few. It makes my mouth water just to imagine all that my taste buds are going to love.

While the grand opening has not yet been is getting closer. Daily progress looks like there are crews working overnight. Its really coming together and will be something to enjoy and be proud of as an integral part of our community. While its a change from the way the SunCrest market evolved; this is definitely something to embrace and support. Thats what we do here...we are a passionate neighborhood!

Warm regards,

Robyn and Scott
"Team SunCrest"-Your SunCrest Resident Realtors

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