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SunCrest Community Pie It Forward SunCrest 2023 No matter how you slice it, SunCrest is a special place to live. At this time of year, we start to think about how thankful we are for this community. From helping find a missing furry friend, anonymous lawn mowing or snow shoveling, or recommendations for SunCrest owned business, we are grateful for all the […]
SunCrest Community Warm Winter Clothes Drive 2023 We’re excited to hold our annual SunCrest Lifestyle warm winter clothes drive. We’re collecting new or very gently used Winter coats, jackets, gloves, and boots for those in need. As you pull out your warmer clothes and find items that don’t fit or just may not be your style anymore, we’d love to take them […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Farmers Market SunCrest! We are blown away by the incredible energy of this community. The turnout at the SunCrest Farmers Market was awesome. We are not only thrilled to be a part of it, but we are here to rally behind our fellow local businesses too. It’s all about meeting new neighbors, reuniting with old pals, and […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Pool Opening Plunge What a party! We had a BLAST at the pool opening celebration. Huge kudos to @suncrestut for kicking the pool season off in such amazing fashion. Over 250 hot dogs were served, 225 Hokulia’s shaved ice handed out, great tunes from the @bestdjinutah, games, local heroes, and plenty of slides and splashes.  It was great to see familiar faces and meet new neighbors. See you at […]
SunCrest Community High Five for Snowplow Drivers SunCrest Lifestyle High Five for Snowplow Drivers This year’s snowfall has been remarkable! We couldn’t stop thinking about how hard Draper City staff has been working to help keep our roads clear and we want to help give them a little “High Five” for going above and beyond their call of duty. Introducing the SunCrest […]
SunCrest Community Draper City Surplus and SunCrest HOA land exchange Draper City held a public hearing and approved the surplus of two areas of City owned land behind the SunCrest OA tennis court and SunCrest OA salt storage in exchange for .07 acres of SunCrest OA property. This was step one and a future meeting will amend the subdivision plat to actually move property lines. These items will clear up […]
SunCrest Community Paradise in SunCrest What a party! Nearly 400 plates of food served up Justin Manikowski, amazing steel drum beats by @steelworks_steelband, awesome hula and fire dancing, and countless smiles created by the exotic birds, dunk tank, and the always entertaining inflatables. Thank you SunCrest Owners Association for the amazing event and letting us participate in such a great […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Pool Party The summer season is finally here! To celebrate the beginning of a great season the SunCrest OA will be hosting a fun pool party with music, food, games, and prizes at the pool from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm Saturday June 4th*. We’re excited to provide complimentary Hokulia Shave Ice at the Village Green beginning […]
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SunCrest Community SunCrest Photo Contest and Garth Brooks Giveaway SunCrest Photo Contest and Garth Brooks Giveaway Garth Brooks. You read that right. As you know, we’re on a mission to design a SunCrest calendar that is made from photos of SunCrest, by SunCrest residents. We’ve received some great entries so far, but we still need more help! For any entry received before June 15th, you’ll be entered into a […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Poo Party 💩 We’re going to the dogs and throwing a SunCrest Poo Party! We’re getting together to clean up the Deer Ridge Off Leash Dog park. Join us Saturday April 9th at 9am. Why? Because we give a crap. Everyone (or pup!) who attends will receive some free swag. Best of all, get your Insta-worthy pic taken […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Pool Party We had a BLAST at the pool opening celebration. SunCrest turned up! It was great to see familiar faces and meet new neighbors. Huge kudos to @suncrestoa for kicking the pool season off with a splash. Over 250 hot dogs were served, over 200 Cold Stone ice creams handed out, great tunes from the DJ, […]
SunCrest Community SunCrest Neighborhoods Map There have been a few moments lately where we thought it would be handy to have a map of the different neighborhoods in SunCrest. Surely there’s an easy-to-read map of the community that we could keep handy when people post about missing pets, runaway garbage cans, or wildlife sightings, right? Well, there is now. We […]
SunCrest Community Haunted Trail 🧟and Pumpkin Pick Up 🎃 A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Haunted Trail 🧟and Pumpkin Pick Up 🎃. 150 pumpkins donated, a creepy witch, grim reaper, a howling skeleton dog, and countless scones and hot chocolate – we had a monster good time teaming up with the SunCrest OA this Halloween. We love this community!
SunCrest Community Moosavi’s SunCrest Story We’re excited to share the Moosavi’s #suncreststory. After making a spontaneous move to SunCrest, Abeeha and Abbas now credit the communal, diverse, and inclusive neighborhood as the reason they never want to leave. In their free time, you can find Abeeha enjoying her “side hustles” while Abbas is pushing the limit outdoors. Ready to share […]
SunCrest Community Wagner’s SunCrest Story Meet Jane and JB. They recently became empty-nesters, so they’re turning their attention to all that SunCrest has to offer like an “epic” trail system. They’re learning new hobbies and revisiting old ones from their youth. We’re excited to share their #suncreststory with you—it’s fun, inspiring, and heartwarming.
SunCrest Community This Is Us SunCrest Parade With our city’s celebration and parade cancelled, SunCrest Residents Roger Kraft and Alicia Dahl decided to plan their own just for our neighborhood. The SunCrest Parade was an amazing event and one that will definitely be remembered! Special thanks to all those who planned, participated, and attended – SunCrest is the greatest!
SunCrest Community Danielson’s SunCrest Story Meet the Danielson’s. Their #SunCrestStory started during a heavy winter 12 years ago. “People look out for each other up here. It’s different—you feel safe and a part of something.” From painted seashells to a self-proclaimed trophy husband, this is one story you don’t want to miss!
SunCrest Community Thank You, First Responders What a weekend, SunCrest. We are humbled and incredibly grateful for the countless number of first responders who quickly got to work on the #traversefire. Your dedication, sacrifice, hard work, and quick response is nothing short of amazing and we are continually appreciative of all that you do. THANK YOU! We’re relieved that evacuation orders […]
SunCrest Community 5 questions to ask when hiring a Realtor Having a great real estate professional on your team when buying or selling a house can be a huge help, and can save you loads of stress, hassle, headache, and money. But how do you hire a Realtor? We always recommend interviewing an agent before hiring them, and here are a few sample questions to […]
SunCrest Community Two Hollows Trail Highlight The Two Hollows Trail is a mellow, peaceful trail that canvasses the East side of the SunCrest area. It’s a double wide track that is great for groups, families, and kiddos. Horses are also able to use this trail and yes, dogs are permitted on leash – woof, woof! Getting to the trail is pretty […]