Uncategorized Help Us Design Next Year’s Calendar! SunCrest is known for its year-round beauty. Spring flowers, summer skies, fall foliage, and snowy winter magic. So we thought, why doesn’t the community have its own calendar? FIRST STEP Snap a pic (or find a favorite you’ve taken in the past) and be sure it falls in an approved category: landscape, nature, lifestyle, family, […]
SunCrest Story Doug and Cheryl’s SunCrest Story Say hello to Doug and Cheryl. You might recognize Doug from his hobby detailing cars (Cheryl calls it his “side hustle”) but did you know Cheryl is an expert in all things pets? As Alabama transplants and SunCrest residents for a few years, they love the “western hospitality” this community is known for. Check out […]
Uncategorized 3rd Quarter Utah Market Report Follow along: Newsletter | Facebook | Instagram 3rd Quarter Utah Market Report  We don’t have a crystal ball, but at Windermere we do have a team dedicated to analyzing the market and making predictions. The following analysis of select counties of the Utah real estate market is provided by Windermere Real Estate Chief Economist Matthew Gardner.    Here […]
SunCrest Homes SunCrest Open House Event Come take a peek at a duo of SunCrest’s newest listings Saturday May 11th.  We’ll be available to answer questions you may have, provide SunCrest real estate information, or just chat about how we live in the greatest community in Utah. Can’t make it? Schedule a showing here or 
SunCrest Homes
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