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SunCrest Homes 2019 E. Tall Woods Court | 3D SunCrest Home Tour Perhaps you saw the SunCrest home we listed at 2019 E. Tall Woods Court? A real big [6,597 sq. ft.] beauty in the Tall Woods community in SunCrest. Can we tell you, no wait, SHOW you more of this home? <pause for response> Thank you. Check out the 3D tour below. Use your mouse or arrow […]
SunCrest Homes 1805 E. Lone Oak Drive | Walkable & Adorable It comes as no surprise that we’re fond of SunCrest. The sunsets, scrub oak, trails, clubhouse, and the community are all endearing, to say the least. We just listed this pretty lady for sale and she’s no exception to that SunCrest endearment. Take the front porch or backyard, for example. Each outdoor space is perfect for […]
SunCrest Homes Life on Laurel Oaks What happens when a seasoned vet in the real estate industry, and the owner of a construction company collaborate on building their own home? You get one heckuva house! And when that house was recently listed with a good friend and colleague in our office, we knew we had to share it with you here. […]
SunCrest Homes Stoneleigh Heights – Double The Fun We’ve said it before, and you’ll probably (more like, definitely) hear us say it again: We love Stoneleigh Heights! From the street, these townhomes hide their ‘weight’ well (something we all wish we could do, right?) Though they look slim on the outside, the insides are downright spacious. We recently listed this Stoneleigh Heights 2 […]
SunCrest Homes Fielding Hill Remodel: Before & After When the Murphys called us to discuss selling their home, we wanted to talk to them out of it. Not because we thought for one minute that their home wouldn’t sell, but because we didn’t want to see them go. This is our third transaction together and quite frankly, we think SunCrest is a better place […]
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